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Xantana S.R.L was born in 1995 as a food raw materials distribution and additives manufacturer. Having got a significant market growth, the company started to develop its import activity.

Today, Xantana S.R.L. covers the needs of the main food industry areas offering a great variety of products and at the same time, working to get its principal goal; “to give its clients the best service and quality”.

Meat Products: Manufacture of mixes for ham production, fresh and dry sausages, and hamburgers. Colour fixers, meat binders, phosphates, colourings and Chinese import Collagen casings.

Dairy: Raw materials for yogurts, desserts, flans and jellies.

Bakery: we offer technology and a vast variety of products for the baked industry, Sliced and English bread.

Fresh Pasta: Row and prepared materials for filled pasta, preservatives, proteins and flavours.

Candies, juices and ice-creams: we offer national and import raw materials for each of these industries.

Dietary and Natural Food, Fitness Line: raw materials for these areas, dietary and natural supplements.

Xantana SRL offers its clients food technology in order to develop new products. The Company also provides the necessary support for any further problem that may arise with the food products manufacturing.


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